Detective Pikachu: 7 Reasons To Be Excited

6. Mr Mime

Detective Pikachu
Warner Bros.

No one really likes Mr Mime, and yet he’s all people can seem to talk about following the trailer. The footage could have focussed more on fan favourites Charizard or Greninja, but instead we get almost a full scene on Mr Mime.

Because he’s so weird and creepy, he’s gained notoriety. In Pokémon, the unpopular ‘mons (Mime, Bidoof, Garbodor) get almost as much press as the popular ones. It’s the middle of the road Seels, Ludicolos and Klinks that get left by the wayside.

The average, forgettable Pokémon probably aren’t going to feature, but the trailer suggests they understand exactly what fans want - to see the creepiest designs become live action nightmare fuel. The truly hated Pokémon tend to attract contrarians and build cult followings, with Mr Mime not only the best example of that, but also the most recognisable Pokémon in that category too.


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