Diana Trailer Hits - See Naomi Watts As "The People's Princess"

naomi watts diana Olivier Hirschbiegel is no stranger to controversy. The German born director memorably helmed a chilling biopic of the most controversial character of the 20th century in Adolf Hitler with Der Untergang (The Downfall), a movie that dared to show an oddly sympathetic and humane Third Reich leader in his final days, almost making us forget he had slaughtered millions of innocent people. That movie was the first ever German production where a real-life German played Hitler, and in the midst of enormous scrutiny for his decision to make it, Der Untergang now stands as perhaps the most important post-war German film ever made. Having directed a Hollywood remake of the classic science-fiction classic Invasion Of The Bodysnatchers with 2007's The Invasion (another move that angered many, if not quite as controversial), Hirschbiegel is back on the biopic trail with a drama about perhaps the most controversial figure in the Western world in the 1990s, Diana, Princess of Wales. Starring two time Academy Award nominee Naomi Watts (who clearly is banking for her third and possible first win here), Diana focuses on the post-Charles divorce years from 1995 and up to Diana€™s death in 1997 and her €˜secret affair€™ with Dr. Hasnat Khan (played by Lost actor Naveen Andrews), regarded by some to be the true €˜love of her life€™. The relationship came before she dated Dodi Fayed, and some speculate (as they do about all aspects of her life) that she rebounded with the son of the billionaire as a way to make Hasnat jealous as she was devastated their relationship ended so abruptly. The first teaser trailer for the movie hit earlier today at MSN and it's as "by the book" royal affair drama as you would suspect. We've seen this before with The Queen and The Iron Lady in recent years, and this one looks very much of the same ilk, with grand statements about her life and legacy; "An Icon", "Adored By Millions", "The Most Famous Woman In The World" and promising, as these films always do, to tell the story that has never been told and showcase a deeper Diana than what we already know. Or as they put it; "The Legend Is Never The Whole Story"... Written by The Libertine scribe Steven Jeffreys, the script reportedly portrays the former Princess Royal €œas a damaged person who stalks the doctor after he ends the affair€ and she is €œnot cast in a particularly favorable light€. Made for just $15 million by backers Ecosse Films (Wuthering Heights, Nowhere Boy), Diana will be released later this year (probably around Christmas time) and Watts will certainly be hoping she can emulate the success of Helen Mirren and Meryl Streep who both won Oscars for their portrayals of key British figures Queen Elizabeth II and Margaret Thatcher. Let's just hope the movie is more entertaining than The Iron Lady.
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