Die Hard director takes Karl Urban for a Run

karl-urban.jpgJohn McTiernan, the director of the original Die Hard and it's third movie Die Hard With a Vengeance is set to helm the action/thriller Run. The $30 million project has Pathfinder star Karl Urban locked in for the lead role.
Urban plays an Interpol agent who, while pursuing a murder suspect, uncovers a fraud conspiracy. The actioner's script reportedly has 100 pages of car chases. Pic will start lensing in August and post in London.
100 pages of car chases? Wow. The usual formula for a script is 1 page = 1 minute, so that's over an hour and a half of car chases! And in truth, action scenes in scripts don't take as much room as scenes with lots of dialogue, so it could well be more than that. McTiernan has shown in the past that he is more than capable of doing action movies. You really have to wonder why this guy wasn't given the chance to helm the fourth installment of Die Hard. Who did he piss off? source - variety
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