Die Hard Is NOT A Christmas Movie (According To Bruce Willis)

Yippee Ki-Yay Mother-Humbug!

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If you're looking for a reason to finally put to bed the question of whether Die Hard is a Christmas movie, you might just have it. After years of fierce debate that has torn families and dynasties apart, caused worldwide panic and literally opened a rift in the very fabric of our universe, Bruce Willis has weighed in.

Because there HAS to be a rule for movies that are set at Christmas either being a Christmas movie or not, for some reason, he's now become the latest advocate for Die Hard NOT being one. Despite it being set over the holidays and it being a major part of the plot.

He ended his excruciating Comedy Central Roast by making a stand and allowing the world to move on having spent way too much time caring what anyone thinks about this ridiculous issue.


His eloquent statement confirmed that Die Hard is not a Christmas movie, "It’s a !*$% Bruce Willis movie!”

So there you have it. You can all get on with your lives. Really though, what does it change? Will we now not be allowed to watch it at Christmas? Will fans who have made it a custom of their holiday period now simply stop? Or will everyone just go on watching and enjoying it without giving a damn whether it's a Christmas movie or an action movie or a movie about air vents?


Well, at least we know what the star thinks, at least.

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