Die Hard with a freebie!

The new Die Hard DVD gets a nice little extra on the upcoming release.

The special edition DVD of Die Hard 4.0 is getting a nice little extra for it's upcoming release, and I believe it's an industry first. An electronic file with the entire movie will be available on the disc which will allow you to transfer the film onto your PC or portable device.Said Mike Dunn, worldwide president of 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment:

"This may be the killer app, where you have physical media that allows you to have a big-screen experience and at the same time move the file around to other devices and have a great experience there as well."
This is a smart move on the studio's part, they're obviously wising up to the needs and wants of the customer. Us movie geeks are generally a tech savvy bunch and like to get our movie fix anyway we can. Though I don't own a portable video player I know many people would like to watch movies on the go. Dunn also hopes this feature will help to deter piracy:
"There's downloading, which takes 45 minutes to an hour, and managed copy, which I never liked because it involves moving the movie off the disc and onto something else, which also takes forever. With Digital Copy, the file is formatted to go across and onto your computer and mobile device, so it's already a small file -- a rocket file that plays beautifully."
Warner Bros are also planning to do something similar with the DVD release of Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. Incidentally there's a good article on The Guardian today that talks about YouTube creating new software that automatically removes copyrighted videos. source - filmstalker, hollywood reporter

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