Disney & Jerry Bruckheimer are KILLING ROMMEL

Reuintes with Pearl Harbor writer for WW-II adaptation.

Walt Disney Pictures and Jerry Bruckheimer have acquired the big screen rights to the WW-II novel Killing Rommel, written by Steven Pressfield. The book follows a British battalion's attempt to end the German Filed Marshal Ewin Rommel's desert campaign and will be adapted for screen by writer Randall Wallace who wrote Braveheart, wrote and directed the war movie We Were Soldiers and wrote the awful Bruckheimer produced mess Pearl Harbor.

"Killing Rommel" focuses on the British Long Range Desert Group and its attempt to stop Rommel, the legendary Desert Fox who routed the British in the North African desert in 1942 and threatened to overrun the Middle East thanks to his battlefield strategies and Panzer tanks.

More than I can possibly say on the picture and more in this great promotional video hosted by it's author...

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