Disney pick up The Dangerous Book for Boys!

dangerous-book-for-boys.jpgI keep seeing this book in my local bookstore and I think, 'ya know I would have loved this when I was younger'. I like the cover too, I'm always drawn by books with pretty covers, although I'll admit that cover on the left doesn't look all that interesting but seriously the colourful hardback looks great in store. After what Variety are describing as a 'bidding war', Disney and work-a-holic producer Scott Rudin have purchased the screen rights to The Dangerous Book for Boys in a deal worth mid-six against seven figures. The British book which was only released last year (and in a slightly altered form in the U.S. this May) has been a big seller and although it's written like a 'how-to guide', Rudin and Disney think they can adapt it into a narrative form and make some cash.
The book consists of short chapters on subjects ranging from famous historical battles to knot-tying techniques, coin tricks, astronomy and how to hunt and cook a rabbit. Movie approach to ``Dangerous'' is likely to be a yarn revolving around the struggle fathers face in raising their sons and balancing a natural instinct to shelter them from harm with their sons' natural desire for adventure and even a bit of danger.
Nah, not for me. I'm not buying that this can be easily turned into a flick unless someone has an absolutely killer idea on how to adapt it. Actually, maybe a 2-D animated movie might work somehow if they can craft a story together... I quite like that idea.
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