Disney Quiz: How Well Do You Remember Aladdin?

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It began on a dark night, where a dark man waited with a dark purpose...

In 1992 this is what we were greeted with in the opening of one of the best Disney animated films of all time in Aladdin. The story revolves around the life of the 'street urchin' in the fictional town of 'Agrabah' as he spends his days stealing to survive, keeping one step ahead of the guards. Little does he know fate has a different idea in mind for him and his misfortune will come to an end in the shape of a blue genie...

Although the screenplay originally took three drafts before being presented the movie once released did not take that time to shoot to fame. Released in November 1992 it became the highest grossing movie of the year and twenty seven years later is still popular enough to warrant an upcoming live-action reboot.

How well do you remember disney's Aladdin?

Answers at the end!

1. What Does Aladdin Steal At The Beginning Of The Film?


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