Djimon Hounsou Is The Angel of Death in PARADISE LOST!

Will play Abdiel in Alex Proyas' visual effects extravaganza, 3D interpretation of John Milton's 17th Century poem.

Alex Proyas (The Crow, Dark City, I Robot, Knowing) has just added the two time Academy Award nominated thesp and all around respected actor Djimon Hounsou to his new take on Paradise Lost, his big-budget action 3D interpretation of John Milton's 17th Century poem about the war that takes place in heaven between Archangels Michael and Lucifer. Bradley Cooper was set a while ago as Lucifer with Benjamin Walker soon joining him as Michael. Now Hounsou is added as Abdiel, 'the angel of death' who turns his back on The Devil to tell God of Lucifer's defection. Proyas' adaptation will include three epic battle sequences that will take place in Heaven, Hell, and Eden and the extensive special effects will mean 20 weeks pre-production, just 8 weeks of actual photography, then a massive 72 weeks of post! Hounsou's Abdiel will be getting in on the huge battle sequences allowing him to reprise his warrior training from Gladiator! Production on the Legendary Pictures film is expected to begin in Sydney, Australia around the beginning of the next year aiming for a late 2013 release date. The film is based on a script written by Stuart Hazeldine, Byron Willinger, Philip de Blasi, Lawrence Kasdan and Ryan Conda.... so many different writers which is the only real worrying aspect to what otherwise sounds like an ambitious literary adaptation the likes we haven't seen in a long, long while.
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