Do Warner Bros Want Tom Cruise For Green Lantern?

He feels the need. The need for green.

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Right now, it's difficult to tell what the future of the DCEU is going to look like, given the disappointment of Justice League and the changes at the top of the studio's hierarchy. Though there are LOTS of movies listed as being in some form of production or other, it now looks unlikely that we'll get to see them all, barring some sort of miracle that would have to start with Aquaman making a billion.

But it seems inevitable that we'll see the biggest of those movies - and also those assured of some sort of performance - greenlit. So Wonder Woman 2, Suicide Squad 2 and The Batman will all happen, and it wouldn't be out of the realms of possibility for the mooted Green Lantern Corps movie to happen.

On that front, there have been reports - from ThatHashtagShow - that Warner Bros are targeting Chris McQuarrie to potentially direct, which is exciting in itself, but it's quickly inspired talk - from the likes of ScreenRant and Nerdist - that it could be a means to bring Tom Cruise in to star as Hal Jordan. And that's arguably even more exciting.


This isn't the first time Cruise has been linked to the role, either, as he was named on the actor shortlist more than a year ago, so perhaps they might be on to something?

As Nerdist point out, Warner Bros allegedly hired Martin Scorsese for the Joker Origin movie to try and tempt Leonardo DiCaprio into the lead role, so it wouldn't be without precedent and Cruise has been close to a comic book movie before. He was in line to play Tony Stark for years before it eventually went to Robert Downey Jr, after all.


Plus, he's played Hollywood's most famous pilot before, so we know he looks good in a cockpit.

More importantly, the most recent report on the current draft of the screenplay for the movie said that it would see an older, more experienced Hal Jordan (39-50), meeting a younger John Stewart. And while Cruise would be close to 60 by the time Green Lantern Corps came out, he certainly doesn't look it.


So what do you think? Should Warner Bros court Tom Cruise for Hal Jordan? Would you even watch another Green Lantern movie? Share your reactions below.

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