Doctor Strange IMAX Preview: 15 Reactions You Need To See

15 minutes of new footage was screened last night. Here's what people are saying.

Doctor Strange Tweets

Hold onto your collars. Marvel's entering the final stage of their marketing for Doctor Strange, which hits cinemas in just a matter of weeks (25th October worldwide, 4th November in the US).

And they're really stepping things up too. In the past few weeks the campaign has gone from being a pretty standard slice of superhero goodness to a weird and wacky extravaganza; a few days back a time-bending TV spot got me fully on board, and then now there's been an 15 minute IMAX preview for superfans leading to a raft of excitable Twitter reactions:

There's a lot of thoughts flying around, but most of it is overwhelmingly positive. Let's go through some of the biggest things we learnt.


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