Doctor Strange Trailer Breakdown: 25 Things You Need To See

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It doesn't just rain trailers; it positively pours them. After Warner Bros released another great Suicide Squad trailer, Marvel have responded in their typical manner by unveiling the first teaser for November's Doctor Strange.

Though it will never be accused of being a mainstream comic book movie, the very fact that there's even going to be a superhero film centred on the Sorceror Supreme and starring a ridiculously talented cast is a phenomenal thing. And if Ant-Man taught us anything, it's that being mainstream doesn't have to mean doing the same thing over and over.

Doctor Strange represents a hugely brave step by Marvel - as does asking Scott Derrickson to direct it - but the pay-offs should be well worth it. We'll have a whole new arm of the MCU, with great possibilities for more supernatural films and a means to diversify the Avengers movies. None of that is a bad thing.

We've got first looks at Mads Mikkelsen's villain, Tilda Swinton's Ancient One, Chiwetel Ejiofor's Baron Mordo and some of the absolutely stunning effects that will be on show. And by God does it look impressive.

So, what did we learn from the first Doctor Strange trailer?

25. Strange Beginnings

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Marvel Studios

The trailer opens with confirmation that we are going to see the car crash origin story that shows Strange - a formerly brilliant brain surgeon - damaging his hands irreversibly and losing his ability to operate.

In the comics, Strange is an egotist whose arrogance and worldiness (he's basically Bruce Wayne without it being an act), and it wouldn't be a massive stretch to imagine that this crash is the result of him drink driving. It would fit his ego, and the fact that he appears to be wearing evening wear while drowning further fits...

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Marvel Studios

How he doesn't die in this situation is pretty impressive, because that's a hell of a wreck.

Doctor Strange Car Crash.jpg
Marvel Studios

He doesn't quite have as good a car as he did in the comics...

Doctor strange Car Crash.jpg
Marvel Comics

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