Does Jim Carrey Cameo As Carnage In The Amazing Spider-Man 2?

jim carrey carnage The rumour mill is up and running again, this time with a special kind of hearsay that can only be described as "unlikely" or "complete horse@$%#". A couple of days ago, a rumour made the rounds on social networks that Jim Carrey has landed a role in The Amazing Spider Man 2 next year, a role belonging to yet another villain in a movie already packed with baddies. But what villain, you say? According to the source, Jim Carrey might just be landing the role of Cletus Kasady, aka the maniacal murdering psychopath known simply as Carnage. The role would just be a cameo to set Carnage up as a future villain, perhaps in the third or fourth film. The source comes from someone who claims that one of their family members (?) that worked on TASM2 reportedly saw Jim Carrey on the set back in March, back when director Marc Webb and crew were filming the scenes for Ravencroft Institute, an asylum for the mentally benign and insane. This appearance from Carrey was further backed up after this particular someone tweeted a pic of a fan and Jim Carrey on set. With the coincidence of Jim Carrey purportedly showing up on set while the scenes of Ravencroft, this brought immediate attention that perhaps Jim Carrey is playing Cletus Kasady, a former member of the asylum who later becomes Carnage after the symbiote sneaks in and infects Kasady, turning an already sadistic murderer into a benevolent and evil monster that even Venom himself fears. jim-carrey-rumored-having-villain-role-in-amazing-spider-man-2 Now this rumour should be taken with a MASSIVE grain of salt. The mere mention of Jim Carrey joining the production of TASM2 is more than enough to say this is a phony rumour that is automatically squashed. But there is a maybe here. Maybe it is possible that Marc Webb has recruited Jim Carrey to fill in the shoes of another classic Spider Man villain. Maybe it is possible that fans will finally get to see the long-awaited Carnage come to the silver screen after having their hopes dashed with the cancellation of the Spider-Man 4 production, where similarly Carrey was rumoured to be playing Carnage. We do know that Sony are planning so far ahead they have at least three more films blueprinted, so this kind of thinking may not be beyond the realms of possibility? Right? But in all seriousness, I don't see how this can even be possible. While having Jim Carrey play a villain would be pretty sick and awesome (he already earned those stripes by landing the role of Colonel Stars & Stripes in Kick Ass 2 and of course nailed The Riddler in Batman Forever), this may be a little too far-fetched, even for this new Spider Man series. Carnage While seeing Carnage and/or Venom would be a nice touch later in the series, it can't happen now with all that is going on in TASM2. With Electro, Rhino, and possibly the Green Goblin with Spider Man to contend with, having Cletus Kasady/Carnage appear, with in a cameo appearance, would leave too many high promises to fulfill. The prospect of a Sinister Six get-together is still up the road if the pieces fit, and if the rumour of Colm Feore as Adrian Toomes stands. Having a Venom/Carnage storyline may have to wait later on, now that the trilogy has been gifted with an extra entry coming in 2018. But above it all: I can't see Jim Carrey taking on the coveted role. While he's hilarious and thrilling to watch, the character of Cletus Kasady/Carnage may be a little too much for his repertoire. If this rumour is to be believed, then we're all in for something pretty wacky and surprising. And if it's true, then this series will have so many directions to take that the potential will clearly skyrocket. Then again, this is only a rumor and a mere pic of Jim Carrey and a fan, so like everything else, an official confirmation will be the only thing that guarantees this bizarre series of events. What do you guys think? Is this to be believed? Can Jim Carrey actually be playing the villainous Carnage in TASM2?
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