Don't Expect A Green Lantern Corps Movie From George Miller

Warner Bros call rumours "bogus"...

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Bad news, Mad Max and DC fans, it doesn't look like you're going to get to see George Miller's unique brand of creativity in Green Lantern's immediate future.

Despite Heroic Hollywood ace scooping their way to the suggestion earlier this week that Miller was being lined up for the latest attempt to make everyone forget Ryan Reynolds' CGI-soaked atrocity, the rumour has been shaken off.

Quint at AICN says he sought clarification on the story and received a pretty firm response:


"I reached out to a pretty high level source about this not thinking I'd hear back, but that source did indeed write back saying, I quote, "Rumors are bogus" of a George Miller Green Lantern Corps movie. I was skeptical before and now I flat out think this one was a whiff from the Heroic Hollywood guys. Can't win 'em all, fellas!"

Curiously Heroic Hollywood's Umberto Gonzalez didn't make as big a deal about the Miller news as he usually does, so perhaps he wasn't as confident on that one anyway? Perhaps that's some wariness over the fact that he also claimed Miller was going to be directing Man Of Steel 2 as well...


Whether Miller would have been a good fit remains to be seen: he did exceptionally well with the effects on Fury Road, but a more CGI-heavy universe for Green Lantern might be a different matter entirely. That said, his story-telling prowess would have been a considerable boost, even if he rather worryingly seems to fit DC and Warner Bros' initial agenda to hire auteurs for their pictures. They need to drop that and adopt the Marvel manifesto for developing talents who can fit into a wider universe ethos (no matter how much DC fanboys might rail at the suggestion).

Anyway, if it's bogus, it's not an issue.


Who do you want to see hired for the Green Lantern Corps movie? Share your suggestions below in the comments thread.

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