Dream Casting The Losers Club From 'It' As Adults For The Sequel

Now that 'It' is a smash hit, let's take a look at who should be cast in the sequel, coming in 2019.

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With Andy Muschietti’s It finally in theatres and taking the world by storm, fans of the movie are doing what fans do best when they like a film – they’re talking obsessively about the sequel. And while for most horror movies a sequel is often just a rehashing of the first film’s successful beats, with Stephen King’s It, the original idea was always to have the story divided into a Part I and Part II.

Just like the novel, the two films would focus on our heroes as they face Pennywise The Clown first as children, then as adults. The sequel is all but greenlit for a 2019 release, but with the child cast of the first film drawing some of the greatest praise for the film, how can an adult cast replace them?

The answer, one would hope, would be by looking at the novel for inspiration as well as the child cast. With Stephen King’s book dedicating hundreds of pages to describing the differences between the adult versions of the Loser’s Club from their childhood selves, it would be wise to model the adult characters after those seen in the books, as well as the actors seen in Part I.

Which actors would best fill the yellow rubber boots left behind by the Loser’s Club in 1988? Let’s float down to the sewers and find out.

10. Henry Bowers: Shia LaBeouf

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Played by Nicholas Hamilton in Part I, the role of Henry Bowers is a small but important one. The leader of the group of bullies that torments the Loser’s Club and ultimately brings them together, Bowers is a truly evil character – and that’s saying something considering he’s in a movie starring a child-murdering clown.

When Part II picks up, if the film follows the novel, Bowers should be in a hospital for the criminally insane, taunted by Pennywise and recruited to kill the now-grown-up Loser’s Club. While this would be a small role, an actor like Shia LaBeouf would make for a great Bowers, and thus a great cameo in It: Part II. Playing twitchy, insane, and sadistic would be great fun for someone of LaBeouf’s talent, and to see LaBeouf in a horror movie as a very human horror would be a treat.

While it’s for the best that Part II would focus more on the Loser’s Club and their final showdown with Pennywise than get muddled up with bullying drama, it’s still essential that the film at least deal with Bowers. The best way to do this would be to get it over with quickly, highlighting the difference between the adults that the children became, and by making Bowers – played by LaBeouf – as memorable as possible in as short a time as necessary.


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