DREAM HOUSE Trailer Is The Shining Meets Shutter Island & Kinda Fun!

Psychological horror/thriller stars Daniel Craig, Rachel Weisz & Naomi Watts comes Sept 30th.

Universal have finally released the theatrical trailer for Dream House - the forthcoming Shining-esque (even down to the little girls and the dated wallpaper) horror thriller that was originally due for a release last year but was inexplicably ordered for re-shoots when test audiences didn't think all that much of Jim Sheridan's (Brothers, Get Rich or Die Tryin') film. Problem was these re-shoots were bogged down by the incredibly busy work schedule of Daniel Craig who was unable to take the time off from filming The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo for weeks... but finally they got their act together and after a lengthy post-production, the film is coming Sept. 30th. Perhaps it might play at the Toronto Film Festival as the film was shot there. Craig stars as a successful New York publisher, Rachel Weisz plays his wife (and who ironically enough did become his wife after the film was complete). The plot revolves around their new €˜Dream House€™ in New England being tainted by the shock revelation that the previous tennats were murdered, leading Craig€™s character to team with a neighbour (Naomi Watts) to discover the truth. Fairly thin/routine thriller material for Sheridan but on paper there€™s some quality acting talent here and the trailer at least looks fun. Better than Insidious if nothing else. Watch it in HD HERE. I'm never one to dismiss a genre film and this one looks to tick all the boxes of what we expect from this kind of psychological... is he mad, or isn't he kind of film. Of course Stanley Kubrick's The Shining rules this genre but there's certainly room for an enjoyable romp and as cliched as it looks... (we are pretty sure we've seen Elias Koteas already recently delivering the exposition about what the truth to our lead's madness) there seems to be some potential here. I'm interested in the mystery of Craig's backstory anyway, even though you know these films always end disappointedly. Most of the time.
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