Dredd 3D Final Poster: Judgement is Coming

They may as well have just super-imposed Karl Urban’s Dredd over Christian Bale’s caped crusader.

Any of you who have seen The Dark Knight Rises at the cinema recently (probably around 100% of you) may have caught sight of the trailer for Dredd. It was a fitting launch for the upcoming remake of the Sly Stallone version, as the film will be looking to emulate both the success and dark tone of the recently concluded Batman trilogy. If you€™re not convinced, just take a look at the release of the final poster for the film. They may as well have just super-imposed Karl Urban€™s Dredd over Christian Bale€™s caped crusader. The end product would have been pretty much the same. So apart from praying that Dredd will be able to imitate at least some of TDKR€™s success, will it actually be an improvement on the mid-nineties version, where the Expendables 2 Director and star growled his way through a thoroughly average film? And what can we hope for from English Director Pete Travis€™s adaptation? Both poster and trailer point towards a thoroughly adult re-imagining, with this notion strengthened by a confirmed R rating in the US. So as long as not too much is left on the cutting room floor, it should still be full of action and violence by the time it reaches the UK early next month. As well as a promising Director behind the lens, Dredd also boasts a decent cast. Joining Urban (Star Trek, Lord of the Rings) as the one man Judge, Jury and Executioner, support will come from Olivia Thirlby as Judge Anderson, Francis Chouler as Judge Guthrie and Lena Headey as Ma-Ma. We also know Dredd will be attacking our senses in 3D. Whether an added dimension will contribute to the mayhem in a positive manner, you decide. Many remakes have failed to live up to their predecessors, but as Dredd isn€™t exactly standing in the shadows of a masterpiece, it may just surprise us yet. Either way, Judgement Is Coming.
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