Dunkirk Trailer Breakdown: 21 Things You Need To See

Buckle up for what might be Nolan's most intense movie yet.

Dunkirk Tommy
Warner Bros.

Warner Bros. has just released the latest trailer for Christopher Nolan's long-awaited war epic Dunkirk, and if you still aren't sold on the movie yet, there's a good chance this anxiety-inducing sizzle reel will do the job.

The mega-budget dramatisation of World War II's 1940 Dunkirk evacuation has played its cards pretty close to its chest so far in terms of plot and characters, as is typical for Nolan films, but the latest trailer provides plenty more glimpses at all the key players, some gloriously-staged action, and perhaps most promisingly of all, gives an eargasmic hint of Hans Zimmer's pulsing original score.

Though it's certainly not arriving on the tidal wave of hype that Nolan's Batman movies did or even his last film, Interstellar, Dunkirk looks nothing if not a bracingly intense, beautifully shot war film, and if it delivers fully on the promise of this trailer, it could very well even score Nolan his first ever Best Director Oscar nomination.

21. That Cinematography Though...

Dunkirk Boat
Warner Bros.

The trailer kicks off with some eye-wateringly gorgeous glimpses of Hoyte van Hoytema's cinematography, which is sure to make this an absolute must-watch in IMAX.

From an aerial glimpse of the Dunkirk evacuation to a more intimate, on-the-ground survey of the operation, this film will be at least a visual feast if not something much more substantial and memorable.

Trivia: Dunkirk is also the first film to use IMAX in a handheld capacity. Poor Hoyte van Hoytema and his crew of cameramen, having to lug those giant cameras around.

Dunkirk Soldiers
Warner Bros.

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