DUPLICITY for Owen & Roberts

They played a bickering couple in Closer and they are set to play lovers again in Duplicity, for Michael Clayton writer/director Tony Gilroy.

The last time Julia Roberts and Clive Owen teamed together on screen was for the most over-rated, vile and disgusting movie of 2004... Closer. Owen somehow, unbelievably got an Oscar nominated for this sadistic and menacing relationship film which just chugged along with no heart, emotion or reason to exist.


Variety says that Roberts & Owen will team once again for Duplicity, a Universal Pictures drama from writer/director Tony Gilroy, the second time he has done both duties for a movie after the recent George Clooney semi-flop Michael Clayton. Before Clayton, Gilroy had made his mark as a formidable screenwriter contributing scripts for all three Bourne movies, Proof of Life and Armageddon. Just like in Closer, Roberts & Owen will be playing a couple...
"Duplicity" offers the chance for the same kind of sparks in a caper pic set in the world of big business. They play longtime lovers who happened to work as spies on opposite sides. They team up to stage an elaborate con to rip off corporations and steal a valuable product.
So it's kinda like Mr. and Mrs. Smith meets Ocean's Eleven, though with a more serious tone expected. Could be good, Gilroy's scripts for the three Bourne movies are tremendous works and I'm dying to get the chance to see his Michael Clayton. I've never really been a fan of Clive Owen and Julia Roberts hasn't been an interesting actress for about six years from where I'm sitting but Gilroy's name of approval gives me hope. As long as it's better than Closer anyway.

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