DVD Review: Largo Winch: The Burma Conspiracy

Following the car chases, punch-ups, financial intrigue, and multiple language fun of 2008’s Largo Winch, Tomer Sisley returns...

rating: 3.5

Following the car chases, punch-ups, financial intrigue, and multiple language fun of 2008€™s Largo Winch, Tomer Sisley returns as the eponymous hero in Largo Winch: the Burma Conspiracy with even more corporate shenanigans, double-crosses, high-octane action, discoveries about Largo€™s deceased father Nerio, and clues about his own adopted past. It doesn€™t particularly mess with the first film€™s blueprint; an oddly satisfying mix of knowing Bondesque mechanics and business titans, but that€™s all to the good. It€™s just as fun, even with the addition of the hot-button country of disdain, Burma, and the diversion of Sharon Stone playing a cougar International Criminal Court investigator. Taking a leaf out of Quantum of Solace€™s opening we€™re thrown straight into Largo€™s latest international transaction via a high-speed car chase with machine gun toting baddies in tow, after he crosses the grotesque oligarch Virgil Nazatchov (Dmitry Nazarov). Being Largo Winch, he€™s also got one of his mild mannered board members, and a journalist along for the ride. The quickly dismissed and buffoonish Nazatchov is, of course, just the first piece in Burma Conspiracy€™s twisting plot. Largo Winch: The Burma Conspiracy The script, by director Jérôme Salle, Julien Rappeneau and Jean Van Hamme, takes us backwards and forwards between Largo€™s present day plan to sell the Winch Company and create a foundation with the ensuing billions, and his idyllic sojourn in a Karen village in Burma three years previously. A sojourn which is ended by the encroaching barbarity of the local military commander, General Kyaw Min (Nirut Sirichanya), and quick-fisted ragtag rebels. General Min is also the spanner in the works of Largo€™s company sell-off that sends Stone€™s investigator Diane Francken on the warpath for the Winch Company€™s throat, as evidence has come to light that Largo€™s father, Nerio, used a hidden account to pay off the General in order to secure land rights via village massacre. Naturally this kind of exposure in the heady world of stocks and shares sees the Winch Company take a bit of a dive. Leaving it open to a vengeful buyout by weighty billionaire Nazatchov. What goes around comes around. Add in Largo€™s old Burmese flame Malunaï (Mame Nakprasitte), his father€™s one and only, and frighteningly cadaverous, friend Hugo, and Burma Conspiracy can start to seem a little convoluted. But somehow returning director Salle, showing better touch than he did on 2010€™s leaden The Tourist, holds it all together, managing to keep the discourse and the destruction on relatively equal terms. There€™s even some comic relief as travel-averse butler Gauthier (Nicolas Vaude) gets involved in a sub-plot, searching south-east Asia for an itinerant witness to Largo€™s innocence. Largo Winch: The Burma Conspiracy As Largo Tomer Sisley makes Salle€™s job that much easier, easily stepping back into the hero€™s shoes. Like his forerunner, 007, he€™s equally at home with his brain and his brawn, keeping his cool behind a board table, joining a jungle assault, or jumping out of a plane. Stone seems a little incongruous at first but she€™s obviously game and fits in nicely amongst the film€™s European/South East Asian mish-mash. We even get a subtle reference to you know what as she grills Largo, white dress and crossing legs and all. Part of Stone€™s easy integration is down to Burma Conspiracy€™s greater reliance on English dialogue, there€™s a lot more than its predecessor, but they haven€™t completely foregone the linguistic jumps which just add to the international charm. Films like this used to be called euro-puddings but Largo Winch: The Burma Conspiracy is more of a soufflé; with a side order of action-packed, and a few smarts. Extras: TrailerLargo Winch: The Burma Conspiracy is out this week on DVD. Largo Winch: The Burma Conspiracy is available now.
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