Nip/Tuck star cast as the lead villain in the Screen Gems remake, previously played by Lost star Terry O'Quinn.

Nip/Tuck actor Dylan Walsh will play the lead villain role in The Stepfather, a Screen Gems remake of the late 80's horror flick that starred Lost actor Terry O'Quinn in the same role. Walsh pictured below... He's without doubt the type of actor who can turn on that wicked charm and is instantly believable as an evil and twisted serial killer! Though as a box office draw? Not so much. No-one outside of Nip/Tuck will know who the hell this guy is and none of them are going to be paying any money to see him on film. Anyone else think this might go straight-to-dvd? I wonder if they did go after Terry O'Quinn to reprise his role for the remake? His career and face has never been more successful and again although he's mostly known for Lost, that program and his character is WAY more popular than Nip/Tuck. Penn Badgely, 21 earlier this month has been cast and is likely to be the son who is terrorised by his Stepfather. Sela Ward and Adrianne Palicki round out the cast.


Nelson McCormick, the director of the upcoming Prom Night remake will helm the film in March/April. Basically it's just Disturbia in the same house right? I will be surprised if this makes the theatres. source - variety

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