Early Box Office Estimates: TWILIGHT $121.3 million, LAST AIRBENDER $50 million?

My full box office report will come tonight but here's the state of play from Friday/Saturday; Twilight: Eclipse - $22.4 million from Saturday, $28.6 million Friday, $24.2 million Thursday, a record breaking $68 million Wednesday (it's whole budget in the first day) - so we are talking $121.3 million for the 5 day weekend over July 4th. Summit printing their own money right now on this series, however the record for the 6-day July 4th holiday is still Spider-Man 2's $180 million, and there's no way this movie is making $60 million on the usually low attended Monday holiday - so it ain't getting that. The Last Airbender - $16 million Thursday, $16.7 million Friday, $14.1 million Saturday - we talking around $50 million on Sunday night, and $63 million by end of Monday? Horrendous reviews (104 rotten reviews, only 9 positive) have accounted for nothing and it's easy to see how it clicked with the Saturday morning cartoon audience, and possibly even the easy non-Twilight choice for Joe Popcorn. Still, at $150 million budget - it desperately needs staying power. It's still wait and see on this one. Toy Story 3 is on $300 million after 18 days of releases - Knight & Day is clawing it's way at finding an audience, now on $48 million and in fifth place. Full detailed info on what all these numbers mean with my late Sunday night box office report.
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