Early Retirement beckons for Ricky Gervais

Ricky Gervais has always said he doesn't like serious acting. He hated his stint as a terrorist in that one episode of Alias some years back and he of course turned down a big role in Mission Impossible III because he just doesn't seem himself as a 'proper actor'. Comedy flicks though, he seems fine with... Variety report that Gervais has signed up to star in Early Retirement, a comedy about a work obsessed guy who decides to quit his job so he can spend some more time with his family. The script comes from Accepted scribe Mark Perez and is described as being the movie that showcases what happens after the end of usual rom-coms when the guy makes the big sacrifice? This is the second of Gervais' big movies on the horizon (plus a small stint in Stardust) as production is set to begin soon on the rom-com Ghost Town from writer/director David Koepp with Tea Leoni and Greg Kinnear also signed up to star. Has Gervais got what it takes to be a comedic leading man? Personally, I think he needs to ditch his persona slightly and focuse a little more on dramatic acting, as Gervais being Gervais in a big screen movie will become very tiresome and a little distracting. But I guess that's what Warner Brothers want. If you hire Gervais, you obviously want him for his style.

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