Easy A Director Will Gluck To Enjoy SEX ON THE MOON At Sony

Having guided Ben Mezrich's novel The Accidental Billionaires about the origins of Facebook to the cusp of Best Picture glory (we are still trying to figure out how it lost out to The King's Speech), it's no surprise to hear that Sony are wanting to move quickly on bringing another of his 'impossible but true' real life tales to the screen. The L.A. Times reports that Sony have attached Will Gluck, director of their subsidiary Screen Gems' immensely enjoyable and financially successful hit Easy A to next direct an adaptation of Mezrich's new book Sex on the Moon: The Amazing Story Behind the Most Audacious Heist in History, for Scott Rudin and his Social Network producing team. Hitting shelves in July, the book focuses on Thad Roberts, a 25 year old NASA intern who pulled off an audacious lunar rocks heist, stealing actually remnants from the 60's Moon landings so he could impress a girl (always about getting laid isn't it?) and make big money from selling them on the internet. If you don't care about spoiling yourself for the movie there's an F.B.I (!!) case story of the event HERE and an even better article about Roberts HERE and instantly you can see why Sony are confident of pulling off another Mezrich success story. It certainly has all the elements of a great drama/thriller and no doubt, a bit of comedy. Without giving too much away, the girl he attempted to impress by stealing the rocks eventually became his lover and co-conspirator in the moon heists, so there's definitely a part here for Emma Stone to team with the director who had the confidence to give her the stage in Easy A. As for who will play Thad, well he looks like this, so you tell me... Sony bought the rights to the novel back in January before many had even known of it. Gluck is currently finishing up his sex-romp comedy Friends With Benefits with Justin Timberlake and Mila Kunis that is released in July, the same month Mezrich's novel hits the shelves.
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