Edgar Wright To Submit New ANT-MAN Draft, Offered WALKING DEAD Episode

Out in SXSW promoting Joe Cornish's directorial debut Attack the Block, executive producer Edgar Wright and Cornish himself revealed to The Playlist that the duo still haven't yet completed their draft for Marvel's long-gestating superhero film Ant-Man...
€œWe€™re currently working on it, not right now. But the day after tomorrow we€™ll go to Los Angeles and€,€ Cornish said about the status of the film. €œWe kinda have a stock response now, it€™s true to say we€™ve been writing it in some form... Weirdly, the treatment for €˜Ant-Man€™ exists before Marvel Studios. There was a treatment that Joe and I did when Artisan had the kind of lower-rung Marvel properties and we wrote a treatment for it that exists before €˜Hot Fuzz.€™ Basically, when I met Kevin Feige I said, €˜Oh, did you ever get our €˜Ant-Man€™ treatment?€™ and he had never read it so we submitted it properly like four years later. So it€™s something me and Joe have genuinely been working on for nearly a decade and at some point we€™ll finish the script.€
The Playlist hint that once Cornish & Wright meet in L.A. this week, they will submit their finished updated draft to Marvel and hopefully a greenlight will be forthcoming. There is even a chance that the movie, previously hinted as being a high tech spy heist adventure (i.e. a blending of superhero and genre, like Captain America) could be the director's next film and might join Iron Man 3 on the 2013 Marvel slate. Since Scott Pilgrim vs. The World opened last August, Wright hasn't committed himself to anything. We do know that he has been working on a Jean-Pierre Melville inspired minimalist thriller titled Baby Driver and there's still chance of a final part of his Blood & Ice Cream trilogy - The World's End with Simon Pegg and Nick Frost - but it seems Pegg and Wright's schedules never seem to free up at the same time for them to do it. As Wright looks finally to be free for some writing this summer, Pegg is making both Mission Impossible 4 and Star Trek 2 back-to-back. Then there's Jon Ronson's conspiracy novel Them, which personally is the project I most hope comes next, but there's been no update on that for years. One gig that probably won't be next for Wright is an episode of The Walking Dead's second series. With his tie to zombies from Shaun of the Dead, Wright always seemed a good fit to direct an episode of the show and he has confirmed that he has been approached, but probably won't do it...
€Frank asked me to do a €˜Walking Dead,€™ actually... I feel that there€™s some subject matter that, like, even though it€™d be great. And I love that show. I actually watched four of the six episodes uninterrupted in one run€”it was like zombie Pringles. I think that with something like that, with some TV shows, you wanna be in on the ground floor,€ €œI really enjoyed the first season, and I wouldn€™t wanna be the guy that comes in and fucks it up,€ Wright added.
Or in other words... "thanks, but you should have asked me earlier!".
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