Assemble! The 8 Best Moments In The Avengers

Just over a week over ago, my university€™s Student Union fulfilled the dreams of pretty much every Marvel nerd on campus by showing a thirteen hour marathon of Marvel films culminating in a screening of The Avengers. A few people I know showed sheer dedication by sticking around for all six films but I wimped out and only showed up for the last two: Captain America and The Avengers. The Avengers was one of quite a few films that I didn€™t get round to seeing this summer so I never really got the hype surrounding it. But when I watched it, I was completely blown away. So, as a mark of my newfound respect for The Avengers, here are what I consider to be its eight best moments...

8. Hulk vs Loki

In this scene, Loki€™s ego gets the better of him as he tries to shout down the Hulk. Obviously, it doesn€™t work and the Hulk tosses him round like rag doll with no effort whatsoever. The look on Loki€™s face as well as his feeble little whimper after being beaten, and the Hulk muttering €œpuny God€ is an excellent finish. It€™s just a shame that this is Loki€™s defeat even though it€™s a scene that€™s mainly played for laughs, and that he was previously showed as such a consummate villain. Nevertheless, it€™s still an excellent scene.

7. The Avengers Assemble

The scene where the Avengers have gathered onboard the S.H.I.E.L.D. helicarrier for the first time is an excellent scene for character development. It€™s largely played for laughs with Iron Man getting all of the best gags but the others get a few decent quips in. Other than that, it€™s the scene that first gathers everyone together and exploits the clash of both personalities and backgrounds for drama as well as comedy. If I had to criticise it, I€™d say it was a little slow story-wise but the jokes are good enough and the dialogue has enough pace to keep it from being boring.

JG Moore is a writer and filmmaker from the south of England. He also works as an editor and VFX artist, and has a BA in Media Production from the University Of Winchester.