El Camino: Every Breaking Bad Character That Appears

Revisiting some of the best, and worst, characters Breaking Bad has to offer.


From 2008 to 2013, Breaking Bad told the story of Walter White and his young protege, Jesse, solidifying itself as one of, if not the greatest TV show of all time. Not overstaying its welcome, the show finished its story after five seasons, achieving a satisfying and organic ending for all involved.

In 2019, however, six years after the credits of Breaking Bad rolled for the final time, Jesse Pinkman returned to Netflix screens in El Camino. While this wasn't the first spin off of the show, with Better Call Saul running since 2015, it was the first time Aaron Paul reprised his role since Breaking Bad finished.

Picking up directly where the show left off, El Camino follows Jesse's journey as a fugitive after his escape from Jack and his crew with the help of Heisenberg.

Returning to the Breaking Bad Universe allowed Vince Gilligan and co. to also revisit other characters as well as Jesse. As a TV show built around a cast of incredible characters, there was no shortage of options of people to feature, and stories to pick up in El Camino and while some were perhaps surprising omissions, it was great to spend some more time in the company of familiar faces...


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