Eli Roth directs "film within the film" of INGLOURIOUS BASTERDS

Again, it's hard to go indepth on this without bringing up spoilers but for those who have read the script, you will know what the "film within the film" reference means for INGLOURIOUS BASTERDS. Ah, I guess its not a spoiler, I will tell you anyway. In Tarantino's film, Frederick Zoller, one of the Nazi's in the movie who will be played by Daniel Bruhl, is actually on his way to becoming a film star and has led several movies for the propaganda film-maker Joseph Goebells, including one as a Nazi sniper on a suicide mission. Now in INGLOURIOUS BASTERDS, we get to see some of his work from this "film" during scenes in a movie theatre. Now it turns out Quentin Tarantino didn't just hire Eli Roth for his acting skills (he is playing the very significant part of "The Bear Jew") but he also hired him for his directing talents. It would seem Roth has been shooting this segment over the last few weeks in Germany with Bruhl and German extra's and this explains the absence of Tarantino from much of the spy set photo's that have leaked online. Well that is until now, when someone has snapped Tarantino showing actor Til Schweiger how to spit coffee. I shit you not...

More on the "film within the film" (i.e. it would be fantastic if they actually filmed a significant 45 minute movie that could be placed on the DVD, it would give the actual character Bruhl plays so much more depth) as we get it.

Or should I say as Quentin Tarantino Archives get it as they are smokin' hot with news on this movie.


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