Elizabeth Banks cast in A Tale of Two Sisters remake

763575492.jpgElizabeth Banks was absolutely superb in Slither and of course she has been in all three Spider-Man movies as Betty Brant, the dark haired secretary of J. Jonah Jameson. I wish she could be given a bigger role in those movies, she's stunning and wouldn't be any worse a love interest than Kirsten Dunst as Mary Jane Watson. The Hollywood Reporter have the scoop that Banks will star in the American remake of the popular Korean horror movie A Tale of Two Sisters.
The story revolves around two sisters who return home to their father after spending time in a mental institution. Their recovery is hindered by their cruel stepmother's (Banks) obsessiveness and an interfering ghost.
Directing brothers Thomas and Charles Guard will helm the film, with the scripts latest re-write coming from Craig Rosenberg, one of the screenwriters of After the Sunset. I've never seen Ji-woon Kim's A Tale of Two Sisters but everyone tells me how great it is. It's been on my rental list for a while but I've been knocking out the movies I missed from last year at the minute (still have Eragon!! and The Pursuit of Happyness to be sent) but I'm sure I will see it before this film gets anywhere near it's eventual release.

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