Elizabeth Banks jumps from Seth Rogen's bed, into the Whitehouse!

Talented comedic actress Elizabeth Banks to play the first lady in Oliver Stone's biopic of George Bush.

The beautiful and talented Elizabeth Banks is not having much trouble finding roles these days, she has no less than six movies on her schedule (though one of those movies is Meet Dave) and today we can add one more. And it's a big one too. The Hollywood Reporter say Banks will star as the first lady, Laura Bush in Oliver Stone's biopic of the soon to be former U.S. President. She's jumping straight out of Seth Rogen's bed in Zack and Miri Make A Porno into the Whitehouse!

Leading the movie in superb casting is Josh Brolin, one of the most exciting actors to come out of 2007 and someone who will no doubt have all the chance in the world to get an Oscar nom out of this thing. We also have a title now. The movie will simply be known as W... probably pronounced Dub-Ya. Yup, I don't think this movie is going to be one George Bush is looking forward too! Production begins late April. The script comes co-written by Stone and his Wall Street scribe Stanley Weiser. I'm actually hoping for a movie that doesn't take itself too seriously, maybe along the same lines as Charlie Wilson's War and the casting of comedic Banks would sure hint at that but with Stone on board I think those hopes are fruitless.
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