Ellis books another FINAL DESTINATION

The Hollywood Reporter say that David R. Ellis will direct the picture. He knows a thing about the series... he directed FINAL DESTINATION 2 which quite frankly, had one of the best directed car crashes I've ever seen and wasn't a half bad sequel actually. Eric Bress who penned that film is also back on board.

Ellis is also the guy who directed the Kim Basinger flop CELLULAR and also that infamous SNAKES ON A PLANE movie after working as a second unit director on such big productions like MASTER AND COMMANDER: THE FAR SIDE OF THE WORLD and HARRY POTTER AND THE SCORCERER'S STONE.

Although I didn't think FINAL DESTINATION 3 was up to much, the first two in the series I found really enjoyable in a popcorn flick kinda way. They felt original, had some insanely cool and original death scenes and ya know... they were just fun.

Weird series this one. James Wong directed FINAL DESTINATION, then Ellis directed FINAL DESTINATION 2, Wong then returned for FINAL DESTINATION 3 and now Ellis will helm FINAL DESTINATION 4!

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