Encanto Review: 7 Ups & 3 Downs

Another gorgeous winner from Disney.

Encanto Disney

After audiences were deprived of a Walt Disney Animation Studios release last year, 2021 has seemingly made up for it with the one-two punch of Raya and the Last Dragon and, now, Encanto.

Given the hot streak of quality pictures Disney's in-house animation wing has been on in recent years, it shouldn't surprise anyone that their latest, the studio's 60th animated feature to date, is another strong effort fit for kids and adults alike.

While falling slightly short of Disney classic status, Encanto is a rich stylistic feast of a movie packed to the gills with toe-tapping tunes and touting an intriguing cultural specificity.

It's difficult to imagine many being left disappointed by what is another highly respectable, visually gorgeous entry into Disney's animated canon.

Though this is absolutely a film worth marveling at on the big screen if circumstances allow, it's also set to release globally on Disney+ on Christmas Eve, so if you'd prefer to watch it at home you certainly haven't got long to wait.

With all that in mind, first here's where Encanto comes up a little shy of greatness...

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