Ennio Morricone's 10 Greatest Film Soundtracks

He was one of the most legendary composers of all time.

Olivier Strecker / CC BY-SA ( / Universal Pictures / United Artists / Paramount Pictures

For over fifty years, the Italian composer Ennio Morricone was one of the biggest and most prominent names in cinema, producing some of the most iconic and memorable soundtracks in the movie business.

From Westerns to war films and everything in between, his work expanded exponentially through the years as he participated in productions in the United States as well as his native Italy. With his passing on July 6th 2020, he leaves a tremendous legacy to any would-be composers and orchestral directors.

With over 400 film scores and over 100 classical works to his name, Morricone stands as an unparalleled creator in the music scene, producing works that defined films and genres, and the decades in which they were released. 70 of the films he worked on went on to win wide acclaim and countless awards, with his compositions providing a transformative impact to countless films.

To pay respect to his immense creative talent and in no set order, here are but ten of Morricone's greatest works. Suffice it to say, the master of film music has left a remarkable legacy.


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