Entertainmet Tonight previews 30 seconds of GREEN LANTERN

We can only hope that someday soon movie studio's will realise that giving first look exclusives to Entertainment Tonight for their biggest tentpoles always results in a lame presentation with an annoying voice-over spoiling what should be an exciting experience. Especially when your leads are Ryan Reynolds and an actress from Gossip Girl because female ET presenters can't help but focus on them over the film in question. Warner Bros. would have been better off paying for a teaser ad on a network but anyway it's now done and we can glimpse at 30 seconds of the tease, before seeing the whole thing next week. What do you we make of it? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RrBwKMxhtXQ Well it's difficult to tell from a low-res, 30 second teaser but I have to admit the whole thing looks underwhelming. Yes, I know it's a stupid reaction given the format the material is presented in but it's an honest one. The CGI costume is clearly a major error and doesn't for one second feel real or that it is a part of Reynold's body. Just look at the image above - Reynolds is more like a rigid plastic action figure. I liked the look of Kilowag at the end there... But the first look at Oaa looks so routine for alien planets that it's indistinguishable from a thousand other movies... Hopefully with the full presentation coming on Tuesday and the first trailer expected to be attached to the new Harry Potter film, we can start to have a better understanding if Martin Campbell has nailed what Warner Bros. execs were previously telling us was 'Superman' style epic for the modern day. Green Lantern itself opens in June - thanks to Bleeding Cool for saving me the time in screengrabbing all the stills...
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