Eric Bana & Danny Huston Are ELVIS & NIXON!

We’ve had Frost/Nixon, so what about Elvis & Nixon and directed by Princess Bride legend Carey Elwes!

We€™ve had Frost/Nixon, so what about Elvis & Nixon? The Hollywood Reporter say Eric Bana and Danny Huston have signed up for the titular roles in Carey Elwes' directorial debut with Bana cast as the legendary singer and Huston stepping into the infamous former U.S. President's shoes. The film will focus on a meeting between Presley and Nixon in the late 70s, which Presley initiated after sending the then President a six-page letter requesting he be made a €˜Federal Agent at Large€™ to aid where he could in combating the growing drug culture €“ of which history tells us Presley had first-hand experience. Whilst is shares half a title, a historical figure and the premise of a film based around a meeting it seems unlikely the end product will much resemble Frost/Nixon but exactly what tone the film will take is not clear yet. But we doubt Bana will need to sing in this one. He is also working as executive producer on the film through his production company €˜Pick-up Truck Pictures€™ and becomes the latest in a long line of people to have imitated Elvis. Though at least he has the advantage of not having a definitive portrayal yet on screen, but Nixon has had such memorable and Academy Award nominated performances by Anthony Hopkins and Frank Langella that will shadow his preparation. Scripted by Joey Sagal and Hanala Sagal and also Carey Elwes, most recently seen on screen reprising his role in the original Saw film for Saw 3D and in the Natalie Portman/Ashton Kutcher hit €˜No Strings Attached€™ but probably most fondly known as the second most famous man in black in The Princess Bride. No word on when production stars but we do know it will take place in Shrevport, Louisiana as well as in L.A.
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