Ethan Hawke Joins TOTAL RECALL

Filming in Toronto is just weeks away on Sony's Total Recall remake and Len Wiseman, a director with a less than stellar track record has a huge budget (reportedly around $200 million), all the leads in place - Colin Farrell (Dougles Quaid), Kate Beckinsale (Lori,Quaid's wife) and Bryan Cranston (villain Vilos Cohagen) and only the part of Melina, Quaid's Latin freedom fighter/girlfriend is left to be cast before the camera's start rolling. In addition according to Heat Vision, Ethan Hawke will make a surprise cameo in the movie, however the nature of his appearance is being kept secret for the time being. We already know that this version of the story eschews the Mars bound adventures of the 1990 Verhoeven/Schwarzenegger version in favour of a future where two rival super states named Euro-America and New Shanghai rule supreme with Farrell's Quaid believing he is a spy but not knowing which he is allied with. So why all the secrecy over an Ethan Hawke cameo? Well, allow me to wildly speculate for a moment. Could his part be that of a Kuato type freedom fighter character? It just could be. If it is, chances are he will not be growing out of anyone's stomach this time. Total Recall is due August 3, 2012.
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