Ethan Hawke Joins The Magnificent Seven

Boyhood star joins the band of heroes.

Its journey along the trail may have been a slow one, but it seems that the Magnificent Seven remake is picking up the pace thanks to a new addition to the cast. Setting up a reunion for the Training Day trifecta, Variety have reported that Boyhood Oscar nominee, Ethan Hawke, will be saddling up with Denzel Washington under the direction of Antoine Fuqua. The film will also star Chris Pratt, who wasn€™t in Training Day, and we really hope won€™t have to suffer awkward laughter thanks to all the inside jokes that€™ll be had as a result. A westernised remake in itself of Seven Samurai, the 1960s film saw a lone gunman enlist the help of six other men to rid a small Mexican farming village of bandits. The new take, which was passed from The Blind Side€™s John Lee Hancock to True Detective€™s Nic Pizzolatto (nice trade), will be set in a mining village shortly after the American Civil War. So far, these are the only three joining the titular team that will be following in the legendary footsteps of an all-star cast which consisted of Yul Brynner, Steve McQueen, James Coburn, Charles Bronson. Considering such a calibre, it€™ll be interesting to see who else Fuqua ropes in to match the original team of cowboys, or who€™ll play the big bad they have to face (originally played by the great Eli Wallach). As for the innocents that€™ll be protected when guns go blazing, Haley Bennett from another of Washington and Fuqua€™s prior pictures, The Equaliser, will also be making an appearance. Expect more casting names to file in over the coming weeks and hopefully, a production start date to come along with them. As it sits now, the guns that have been hired so far suggest this could actually be a remake worth seeing. What do you think though? Is there someone else you€™d like to see added to the list? Sound off in the comments below.


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