Ethan Hawke leaves Julie Delpy's The Countess

Before Sunrise/Sunset reunion of Ethan Hawke and Juli Delpy in the vampire flick The Countess is off... as Hawke has dropped out of the film. He was expected to appear as Ferenc Nadansky, the husband of Delpy's (who also directs the film) character Elizabeth Balfoy (a.k.a The Blood Countess). The lovely Julie Delpy spilled the beans to Cinematical (found via Mad About Movies)...

"He might do a cameo, but I don't think he will anymore, " Delpy told me with a sad look. "He was going to, and now he's busy with something else. But it was such a small cameo, and it would have jeopardized the dates for other actors, and I felt like it was not right, you know? He agreed to be in it at first, and now he has a play, maybe. But it's okay -- maybe it's not meant to be. I have wonderful people attached, so I'm very happy with that."
Shame, shame. I could watch those two in movies together for the rest of my life. It's kind of ironic, this scheduling conflict has probably come about because Hawke is starring in another vampire flick, Daybreakers. Still, The Countess should turn out to be a great vampire flick and I trust Delpy, even if the trailer for her latest movie 2 Days in Paris looked dire. Cinematical also managed to ask Delpy about the possibility of a third film in Richard Linklater's walking, talking, love movies. We all know it's going to happen, and she is only telling us things she has said a million times before but I will post it for you guys again...
"We wanted to do, maybe a third one," she told me. "We might do it. We don't know. We have to come up with the right idea." When I suggested that she wait until they hit 65, 70 before doing part three, she didn't seem to be into that. "Maybe not -- maybe it could be good every ten years, you know, like we did it. Maybe it's good in our early forties."
I'm a pretty confident there will be a third 'Before' flick... but not yet. Not enough time has passed for the type of stories Linklater likes to tell with these characters.


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