Eva Mendes has The Spirit too!

Frank Miller's The Spirit says Variety. Unfortunately unlike Scarlett Johansson, this actress can't act and she has a filmography of multiple roles to prove it. Her name is Eva Mendes, you may have recently seen her choke the life out of Ghost Rider. There's no word on what role she will have in the movie as of yet. She joins the now full to the brim cast which see's Gabriel Macht as The Spirit, Samuel L. Jackson as the villain The Octopus and Scarlett Johansson as the femme fatale. Just like his pal Robert Rodriguez, Miller knows exactly what beauties he wants to fill his universe and really it should come to no surprise to us that he has gone for Johansson and Mendes. Just look at his books and especially his Sin City novels. These aren't ordinary women we are talking about, they have more curves than a race track and breasts the size of footballs. Shooting is set to begin in October for a 2009 release and despite casting the casting of eye candy Mendes, this will be one of my most anticipated movies of that year.

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