Every Batista Movie Ranked From Worst To Best

Something something... Box Office Batista Bomb...

Dave Bautista Blade Runner 2049
Warner Bros.

It should probably go without saying now, but Dave Bautista is certifiably the greatest pure-action character actor currently working today.

His movie career should have taken a similar path to those of Triple H and Stone Cold Steve Austin, dipping in and out of WWE Studios schlock and padding it out with one or two more mainstream releases. Somehow, in 2019, he jockeys with The Rock for screen time and has even arguably surpassed him as a credible Hollywood asset.

But while Dwyane is the man tinseltown turns to when they need a disposable franchise saved, Dave is the man you call to add star-power to the biggest brands in the business. Marvel, Bond and Blade Runner have benefited just as much from his presence as the straight to V-O-D action bin.

But how to put all of this in order? How to work out where it's peaked and where it's trough-ed. Well, if there's one lesson we can learn from Batista, it's that there's always, always a way...

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