Every Bond Girl Ranked - Worst To Best

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Eva Green

Ever since Ursula Andress emerged from the waves in Dr No, captivating not only James Bond himself but the legions of cinephiles watching, Bond Girls have been one of the most important elements of the 007 formula.

24 wildly varying films means 24 totally different varieties of female allies for 007. While some were more than content to be wined and dined by the suave secret agent, others wanted to kick ass and take names along with him.

Of course, some were more successful than others in that regard. Throughout a franchise spanning almost 6 decades, we’ve seen a plethora of Bond Girls ranging from deadly to dim, from invaluable to incompetent, and from heroines to… well, zeroines.

There’s a fine line between helping and hindering, and for every Bond Girl that aided 007 in his missions to foil megalomaniacs and save the world, there’s another who was more of a damsel than dangerous.

While details of the next Bond adventure remain scarce heading into 2018, that a new addition to 007’s long line of women will feature is something we can more or less bank on. With the caveat that only the main Bond Girls of each film have been considered, here are the ladies that the latest will be hoping to rank highly among.


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