Every Guillermo Del Toro Movie - Ranked Worst To Best

10. Mimic


Del Toro's second film, and his debut outside of his native country of Mexico, fits well into his filmography on a surface glance. It is another of many monster monsters, though less visually inventive than those seen in his more successful films. Its visual style is dark, with the travels through the sewers giving it a damp feeling. The criminally underrated Mira Sorvino stars, and is the first of many leading female protagonists of del Toro's movies.

On paper, Mimic sounds so interesting. Mankind meddles with nature and gets its comeuppance in a Twilight Zone fashion as violence erupts from its very creation. But the execution is clunky, with a trite family-planning metaphor used to parallel the creation of the genetically engineered "Judas breed" creatures. The movie also treads familiar ground with the released mutated cockroaches supposedly only being female and unable to breed; like Jurassic Park, life finds a way.

Mimic was plagued by production and post-production issues, and del Toro was unhappy with the completed product. Though a director's cut was subsequently released, the film still feels like a director getting his bearings and experimenting rather than a fun cinematic experience.


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