Every Halloween Movie (They Never Actually Made)

There's a long, long list of Michael Myers' that never made it to the big screen.

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With 2018's latest movie in the Halloween franchise bringing Michael Myers surging back from the grave, many might not have realised quite how many bones of long dead films he had to pass on the way out.

Going strong since 1978, the Halloween franchise now boasts an impressive 11 movies under the banner, meaning it's the series that has everything from its own original storyline, to vastly different reimaginings, to straight up remakes - as well as having enough of a timeline to just throw almost all of it away and start again just because it feels like it.

Of course, with this much investment and effort gone into one of the staples of the horror genre, there's been many scrapped movies along the way. If you've always wanted to see Michael in space or an evil warlock toymaker make their way onto the screen, then you're in luck, as the scripts are out there somewhere.

Dust off your mask, sharpen your machete, and pull on your finest boiler suit, as we're going deep into the 30+ movies lurking under the bed of the Halloween franchise thanks to one avid redditor by the name of ImbecilicNoob. It's going to get weird.

23. Halloween II Pitches

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We've already had an actual Halloween 2 in the form of Rick Rosenthal's continuation of 'the night he came home', setting up Laurie Strode in a hospital for the duration as she comes to terms with the events of the first movie.

The initial idea, however, credited to production designer Tommy Lee Wallace, was to have Halloween 2 play out in a high-rise building five years after the event. Laurie Strode is central to the plot, still understandably quite traumatised by her past, and is now attending college.

The Shape would return on Halloween night to do what he does best amidst high security and a decidedly urban backdrop - but Carpenter preferred the idea of going back to the same night more instead.

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