Every Hidden Pennywise From IT Chapter 1 & 2

Time to float...

It is everywhere. While the creature only appears once every 27 years to feed on Derry's young, it's a place literally built on top of him and his presence seeps into everything in the town. It's no surprise then that even when he's not in one of his monstrous forms - or his most famous, Pennywise the dancing clown - the demonic creature makes his presence known through other means.

Whether that's sending out zombified underlings like Dead Hockstetter or appearing as single red balloons (as he does in both movies), there's very much an agenda to make sure you never forget that he's everywhere and inescapable.

To that end, Andy Muschietti made it his aim to hint at It's presence even more than we might be consciously aware while watching. And as well as stuffing in countless Easter Eggs and callbacks throughout both movies, he also hid Pennywise in a number of scenes too.

Some are more obvious than others - and indeed some that the kids see themselves - but some are so incredibly well hidden you'll want to stand and applaud. Or you'll get a creepy ingrained fear that Pennywise is constantly lurking in the shadows always watching you.

13. The Eyes Have It - It

Pennywise It Chapter 1
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The first appearance of Pennywise is easily the most subtle across both movies and it comes even before Georgie becomes its most famous tragic victim. Or at least its most important to the Loser's Club.

At the very start of the movie, we see Georgie heading down into the basement - his first error - and we get a hint that Pennywise is already hunting him. Not only do we see his creepy eyes shining from the shadows down there but there's also a very, very brief shot of Georgie heading down the stairs bathed in darkness and for the shortest moment you see his eyes at the top of the stairs behind Georgie too.


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