Every James Cameron Film Ranked Worst To Best

9. True Lies (1994)

Aliens James Cameron
Universal Pictures

In the early 90s, Cameron created a standalone contribution to the ever more popular genre of Hollywood action, with an all-out caper staring the man who he'd made famous a decade prior, Mr Arnold Schwarzenegger.

As Arnie's character, Harry Tasker, battles a group of maniacal villains in a number of daftly elaborate ways (involving jumping across rooftops on a horse), he also discovers that his unbeknownst wife is involved in some shady and not exactly matrimonial affairs of her own. So begins an often witty game of deception and discovery which ultimately leads, to the amusement of popcorn-chomping audiences, a stronger family unit. Big props to Bill Paxton for playing his bit. It won't be the first time his name gets mentioned on this list.

Anybody growing up in the 90s will have fond memories of True Lies, as it has its fair share of delights. At the same time, it's for you to decide whether or not the prudish housewife turned femme-fatale, versus middle-eastern terrorists intent on nuclear war, stands the test of time more than 25 years on.


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