Every John Hughes Teen Film Ranked Worst To Best

A genre and a decade defined by one man's films. But which one is the best?


Pre-1984, there had been teen films. Yet many of them missed the mark, with characters that often weren't three-dimensional enough to be considered as accurate portraits of youth culture.

Enter John Hughes, who revolutionised the genre by adding realism and humanity to the characters and scripts of his six teen films, released between 1984 and 1987. Of the six he wrote, he only directed four, the other two helmed by Howard Deutch. Nonetheless, all of them have that trademark wit, charm, and believability that Hughes was so adept at putting into his work.

Being products of the 1980s, there are of course some aspects which have aged poorly over the years, but the main characters are still as relevant and relatable as they were then - proven in the ongoing popularity of these films and their resonance with the teenagers of today.

From emotional confessions to prom nights to days off to impossible romances, the Hughes work defined the genre and have influenced almost every teen film since.

As endearing as they all are, some are better than others, and so this is the ranking of all six of them.

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