Every Kathryn Bigelow Film Ranked From Worst To Best

And who said women couldn't direct action?

20th Century Fox

As the first female filmmaker to ever win a Best Director’s Oscar, this tough yet soft-spoken director has had a long and fascinating career, her steel-eyed focus carrying her through several varied phases.

She started as a rough-edged if thoughtful genre director, transitioned into the female blockbuster equivalent of a James Cameron, then - after becoming disheartened with the high-level industry - swerved onto a path as a passionate award-winning filmmaker with an eye for tough subjects.

She's certainly managed to open doors for female directors in terms of breaking down connotations they can't direct action - Patty Jenkins owes her a pint for Wonder Woman - but to just categorise her in a gender role is a giant disservice to her subtle and subversive skill as a storyteller. Her ability is one that's equally able to entertain with pulse-pounding action, yet provoke the thought process into daring places.

Despite her present championed reputation, the majority of her filmography has been overlooked. All the more reason to delve and discover into her strong backlog, and sift through the compromised products, the hidden gems and the heralded classics.


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