Every M. Night Shyamalan Plot Twist Ranked From Worst To Best

10. Glass - Elijah's Plan Was To Reveal The Existence Of Super-Humans All Along

Unbreakable Ending

Plot: David Dunn (Bruce Willis), The Horde (James McAvoy) and Elijah Glass (Samuel L. Jackson) are taken to an asylum where psychiatrist Dr Ellie Staple (Sarah Paulson) starts questioning their superhuman abilities.

The thoroughly disappointing Glass ended with one of Shyamalan's worst twists and while it's not quite his weakest thanks to the existence of The Happening, it might just be his most pointless.

It turns out that Elijah staged a confrontation between David Dunn, the Horde and himself in front of the asylum's security cameras so that it could be filmed and shared all over the internet, finally revealing the existence of super-humans to the world (which an organization, of which Dr Staple is a part of, had long been trying to hide), but here's the thing:

The world already knew this.

The events of Unbreakable and Split had been widely publicized, so what the hell was the point of this? Elijah Glass is meant to be an evil genius, but he certainly wasn't too smart here. It's a very boring big reveal too.

The film also ended with all three of the leads dying lame deaths, so this entire ending was a shambles from top to bottom.


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