Every Martin Scorsese Movie Ranked Worst To Best

15. The Wolf Of Wall Street (2013)

Martin Scorsese Films Ranked
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Save for Goodfellas, The Wolf of Wall Street is perhaps Scorsese's most rewatchable project to date, a film so rambunctious and gleefully over-the-top that it's a wonder it never loses any steam over its three-hour runtime.

Vulgar, brash and horribly unsettling, the drama tells the story of controversial stockbroker Jordan Belfort (a riotous, uncaged Leonardo DiCaprio) as he rises to the top of the Wall Street food chain only to inevitably come plummeting back down. It's vintage Scorsese - greed, immorality, comeuppance - that refuses to hold back.

Some of The Wolf of Wall Street is, honestly, too on the nose, its liberal use of drugs and degrading sex occasionally undercutting Scorsese's critique of Belfort's sins, but its boundless energy and hard-hitting final act more than make up for what it lacks in tact. By the end, you'll both pity and loathe Belfort, and love Scorsese more than ever.


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