Every May. For the next 6 years. There will be a Narnia film.

Iron Man, Speed Racer and a certain Indiana Jones movie but one movie that is easy to forget about is Prince Caspian, the second installment of the Chronicles of Narnia series. Financially, the first movie was a big success for Walt Disney and Walten Media as it's gross revenue at this point in time is over $700 million. Critically however is another story and although it was praised by most, there does seem to be a huge backlash against the film in some critics circles and especially with Bloggers online. Personally I hated it and I thought it failed on so many area's but the main thing is... it made money. Lots of it. And Walt Disney likes money. They are desperately trying to push forward a new Pirates of the Caribbean movie or at least start a new franchise (Prince of Persia) which will make them money for years to come. An official announcement from the Con, indicates that every May, they may be getting a big paycheck... Starting next year until 2014 a new Narnia movie will be released every May. It's going to be once a year for six years as they are hell bent on filming every story in the series. Don't be fooled though guys, if say the fourth or fifth movie in the franchise fails, then that will be the end of that. At the Con, they showed some footage of Caspian which went down well with IESB and they mentioned that we should expect the next film to be much darker and grittier than the previous flick. They also mentioned that after this film director Andrew Adamson is done and he won't be helming any more future movies in the series. Well, just like Saw in October... I shall be avoiding Narnia annually every year in May. By 2014 (if all goes to plan which I doubt it actually will) 8 movies in the franchise will have been released. That's pretty unprecedented in the history of film and is a milestone that eclipses the rate of release on James Bond and Harry Potter and is probably a number Saw won't reach, at least not annually.

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